As I look back at my intense experience in DSCE, I realize I had a really great time here. It was for me, my future studies and life, a very important choice. That’s why I want to say a great thank to my teachers and management for your welcome, support, enthusiasm and everything you have helped me with.

Anaga Prem-CTS (Chennai)
Anaga Prem

DSCE is one of the best colleges which actually provides us a platform to survive in IT World. I would like to advice my juniors to work hard and thoroughly utilize the four years to achieve success and have a good career ahead.

Lenin-GNTS Technologies (Coimbatore)

Message for DSCE: Been a good time there. Our batch was first one to get an opportunity in TCS. My message for students is to Keep Learning and improves your skillet.

Jayesh-GNTS Technologies (Coimbatore)

College is a race but don’t worry about crossing the finish line first. This race is less about reaching fast and more about understanding HOW and WHY you reached the finish line.

Alumni Meet

The Alumni Meet of DSCE is an experience to withhold. Emotions and connections, the Alumni Meet is an annual event wherein the alumnus gets together to share friendship and experiences in an ambience of conviviality. It is an event that DSCE takes pride to host.